How to know which level tumbling class to choose

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Confused about which tumbling class to choose for your child? Here we will explain each level and what your child will learn in each class.

Level 1

Level 1 tumblers are "novice" or "beginner" tumblers. In this class athletes will learn:

  • Front / Back Roll

  • Bridge / Back Bend

  • Handstand

  • Cartwheel

  • Roundoff

  • Back Bend Kick Over

  • Back Walkover

  • Other Basic Skills

It is important for every tumbler to have a solid foundation before moving on to more difficult skills. 

Level 2

Level 2 tumblers have learned all of the above skills and are ready to move on to Back Handsprings. In our Level 2 classes athletes will learn:

  • Standing Back Handspring

  • Roundoff Back Handspring

  • Series Back Handspring

  • Cheer Jump to Back Handspring

Level 3

  • Level 3 tumblers have learned all of the above skills and are ready to start learning how to do a Back Tuck. They will learn:​

  • Standing Back Tuck

  • Round Off Back Tuck

  • Punch Front

  • Cheer Jump to Back Tuck

  • Standing Back Handspring Back Tuck

  • Round Off Back Handspring Back Tuck

Level 4 / 5

This is our elite class. Athletes will need to be perfect in all of the above skills. In this class athletes will learn Layouts and Twisting Skills  including Full, Double Full, Arabian​, etc.

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Half Year All-Star Teams
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OCA will hold tryouts for our Half Year All-Star teams in December and began practices in January 2021. If you are interested in joining our team, call us and let us know!  We will determine teams based off age and skill. We're excited to have you join our teams! 


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